Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Like the rest of humanity (or more accurately those of us with internet connections) much of my social life revolves around Facebook. It's not a bad thing necessarily. I get to make new friends, find out what's happening where, and on occasion find out where someone ate breakfast. More and more though, I have grown frustrated with virtual socializing. Frustrated with this site that many of us have grown to rely on, but exist purely in cyberspace. Can you tell the truth on Facebook? Many of us can't. At least I can't. If I'd be honest and respond to status updates with how I really feel, I'd lose friends left and right. OK, maybe they aren't really my friends then (debatable, since even with real friends we often need to tread lightly). Which brings me to the next question, how many friends on Facebook are really your friends. I thought about this during a short hospital stay for a minor issue. I was thinking who to call. I didn't want to post on Facebook that I was in the hospital because I didn't want all the fake sugar coated "hope you fell better (((hugs)))" posts. But I did want to tell some close people. Turns out the handful of people I felt comfortable talking to are involved in my life off of Facebook. Not a single person who I've met through Facebook fit the bill. Now this is not a Facebook bashing festival. I kind of need Facebook especially since I live a couple of hours drive from most of my friends and family. What I'm getting to is the dishonesty that is Facebook. How much we fool ourselves about who our "friends" are. How we respond to posts in the most politically correct ways. Oh, please tell me you've had the desire to tell a slacker who's looking for someone to set up a website to f'ing to it herself. Please tell me that you've wanted to answer "I'm such a lucky girl" with "I guess that's why you need to tell us every day." And it works the other way around too. Have you had a shitty week, and then uploaded that picture of a lovely outing with your kids? More often than not I don't feel comfortable sharing my pain. I don't want the pity responses. So my facebook page looks like my life is a bowl of cherries (yes, those cherries that I picked with my kids at the farm last week- wooohooo!!), meanwhile no one knows that it's really the pits.

My plan for this blog is for it to be an honest place to vent and express my true feelings and opinions. Not only the things I choose not to express on social networking sites, but about life in general. I hope to be honest about the ups and downs in life, and tell the truth about how I feel about how I feel. No Vaguebooking. No Fakebooking. No PC what so ever.

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